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Embark on a journey of discovery with the latest collection from our vibrant and eco-conscious brands such as CKS, Compania Fantastica, Danefae, FRNCH, King Louie, Lily Balou, Mademoiselle YéYé, Nümph, Pepaloves, Sugarhill Brighton, SKFK, Zilch and Blutsgeschwister.

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Birdy Brooch Caramel
Birdy Brooch Caramel Sale price€25.00
Birdy Brooch Batik
Birdy Brooch Batik Sale price€25.00
Viviette Earrings Stripes Blue Pink
Ronette Earrings Grid Green Pink
Pierette Earrings Grid Green Pink
Pierette Earrings Grid Blue Pink
Stud Earrings Round Blue
Stud Earrings Round Blue Sale price€28.00
Avril XL Blue
Avril XL Blue Sale price€45.00
Avril XL Yellow
Avril XL Yellow Sale price€45.00
Avril XL Red
Avril XL Red Sale price€45.00
Susanne Red
Susanne Red Sale price€45.00
Susanne Yellow
Susanne Yellow Sale price€45.00
King Louie - Socks 2-Pack RebelleKing Louie - Socks 2-Pack Rebelle
King Louie - Socks 2-Pack Pied-De-PouleKing Louie - Socks 2-Pack Pied-De-Poule
Stud Earrings Round Vert
Stud Earrings Round Vert Sale price€28.00
Sold outStud Earrings Daisies Blue
Stud Earrings Daisies Blue Sale price€28.00
Stud Earrings Daisies Vert
Stud Earrings Daisies Vert Sale price€28.00
Stud Earrings Cat NoirStud Earrings Cat Noir
Stud Earrings Cat Noir Sale price€28.00
Stud Earrings Eclairs Mauve
Stud Earrings Eclairs Mauve Sale price€28.00
Sold outMirror Stud Earrings ArmelleMirror Stud Earrings Armelle
Mirror Stud Earrings Armelle Sale price€28.00
Capucine XL BleuCapucine XL Bleu
Capucine XL Bleu Sale price€45.00
Capucine XL Red
Capucine XL Red Sale price€45.00
Capucine XL Yellow
Capucine XL Yellow Sale price€45.00
Sold outSusanna YellowSusanna Yellow
Susanna Yellow Sale price€45.00