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Step into Ziggy, where vibrant fashion reigns supreme!

I'm Charlien, the founder, and I'm excited to share the story behind my vibrant and eclectic clothing haven.

Fresh out of my Fashion Technology studies, the dream of launching my own clothing line ignited within me. While I could stitch together my designs, setting up a brick store wasn't feasible on a tight budget. Thus, Retro Verso was born as an online shop in 2013.

From the outset, quality and uniqueness were non-negotiables. There's nothing quite like spotting someone rocking a dress you've crafted with your own hands. Each design was limited to just 10 pieces, ensuring exclusivity.

Despite limited marketing funds, word spread rapidly, especially for custom orders. Yet, the manual labor couldn't keep pace, prompting a crucial decision: either outsource production or pivot. I opted for the latter, curating colorful brands to feature in my online store.

Gratefully, I secured a corner in my parents' shoe shop, transforming it into Retro Verso's shop-in-shop. Eventually, this blossomed into a standalone physical store, officially opening its doors in August 2017 atop our flourishing online platform.

In 2024 fate led me to a new location merely 100 meters from my original store. With meticulous attention to detail, I personally crafted the interior design, overseeing every aspect of its renovation, including bespoke features like the captivating counter and wall shelves.

As my journey evolved, spanning a decade under the name of Retro Verso, it was time for a fresh identity. Hence, the birth of 'Ziggy'.

I drew inspiration from Ziggy Stardust for the name, a fictional persona crafted by David Bowie, yet rooted in reality. Ziggy Stardust born from encounters with a tailor called Ziggy, Bowie frequently encountered during train journeys. Being a Bowie fan, it felt like a personal homage, connecting my journey to how it all began.

Today, Ziggy proudly showcases beloved brands like CKS, Compania Fantastica, Danefae, FRNCH, King Louie, Lily Balou, Mademoiselle YéYé, Nümph, Pepaloves, Sugarhill Brighton, SKFK, Zilch and Blutsgeschwister.

From orchestrating the day-to-day operations of my physical boutique to carefully curating the online presence, I'm fully immersed in every aspect of the business. Yet, nothing compares to the sheer delight of witnessing the joy our clothing brings to my customers' lives.

Here's to many more smiles and happy shopping!